Fun, Fitness Challenge :. General Information

On Your Mark,
Get Set

Tri- Community, Help Yourself Get Fit while Helping your Community!!

Joining the fitness challenge is very easy, and beneficial to both you and your community. The fitness challenge is an 12 week (3 month) fitness challenge aimed at getting our communities up and moving.

Start recording your physical activity minutes on January 1 and keep recording until March 31.

What is our idea of physical activity? It's anything that gets you off the couch or chair and gets you moving! Some examples may include:

  • ½ hour walk instead of watching the TV
  • Take the stairs, if it's an option
  • Walk your children to school
  • Schedule an exercise appointment
  • Park further from the store and walk, or just walk from your house
  • Walk to work, if possible
  • Join an exercise group
  • Enroll yourself or your kids in a sport
  • Use a snow shovel instead of a snow blower, but be careful with this
  • Do sit-ups or other exercises while watching TV
  • Have a sit-up competition with your kids, siblings or parents
  • Use an exercise video if the weather is bad

Those are just some examples of the many possibilities. The event involves the communities (Town's and RM's) of Arborfield, Carrot River and Zenon Park. As each community is a different size, the final result will be based on community percentage to make it fair for all communities regardless of size.

The community who wins the challenge will receive:

  • The right to bask in glory as the most physically active community, AND
  • The Tri-Unity Challenge will make a donation of $6,000 to go towards the walking/biking trails in your community.

Now that you are committed, what can you do?

  1. Recruit friends and family to particiapte!
  2. Pick up a brochure with a personal log calendar at the post office or one of the many businesses in your community, or DOWNLOAD a log calendar from our site right now!
  3. Record your minutes of physical activity on your personal log. The BMI and WHR (Waist/Hip Ratio) spaces are just to keep you motivated by tracking the changes. Distance is for those who wish to keep track of distance. Minutes are the important part and what you have to submit.
  4. Be physically active for 12 weeks. Remember it only takes 28 days for a habit to form, so let's get started creating a physically active and healty habit.
  5. At the end of 12 weeks tally up your total minutes of physical activity and fax them to one of the numbers provided below, OR keep track of your weekly minutes online using our simple calendar!

Fax Numbers
Arborfield -
Carrot River - Miranda Blaber - 768-2930
Zenon Park - Lisa Leblanc - 767-2226