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General Information

Join us for our 11th annual walk, run or jog event on August 10, 2019! 

Take part in the 21KM, 10KM, 5KM or 3KM event, go on your own or partner up with some friends! Challenge yourself, your friends, family and coworkers and see how awesome you are. Then stick around and enjoy a yoga cool down with certified instructor Shelley Enns of Shell's Fitness and Soul Center.


  • Pasquia Regional Park located on Highway 23, six miles south of Carrot River and nine miles north of Arborfield. If choosing to camp be sure to book early as camp sites get hard to find later in the summer and when you book, mention that you are participating in the Tri-Unity Challenge!




  • Packages and bibs must be picked up at Pasquia Park the day before the race between 5:00pm and 7:00pm at the restaurant patio. You can have a friend pick up your package.
  • Enjoy a good meal to fuel your body! Try Gieni's at the Park restaurant located in the park.
  • Get a good night's sleep!


  • Do not try anything new (clothes, socks, shoes, food, etc.) This is not the time to find out that your stomach does not like the new breakfast you just had or that your cute new running shorts chafe your legs.
  • Write your name on your race bib; spectators can then cheer for you by name.
  • 21 KM Runners will begin at 7:30am, all other (10KM, 5KM, 3KM and Youth) begin at 8:00am. Warm up with Shelley Enns at 7:45am. Please come out early to cheer on our runners and participate in a group warm up! Late starts will not be permitted.
  • Snacks and drinks will be provided for participants however if you need more the night before or that day Pasquia Park has a restaurant that will be available for you.
  • Award Certificates will be given out during the Challenge, after each event. Medallions will be given to ALL as they cross the line of success! The results of the Challenge will be found on the website thanks to Race Results Canada! 
  • There will be check points located along the road providing refreshments, first aid and barrels of encouragement.
  • Participants who withdraw from the Challenge must report in at the nearest check-point. Road Monitors will assist you.
  • Communication systems will be used by the Road Monitors to ensure a high degree of safety.


  • Ignore that little voice in your head that wants to tell you to stop! The amazing part is that there are so many walkers that they'll be able to drown the little voice out with good company and conversation! Right now, as you read this, millions of other people also want to participate in the Challenge. They dream about it at work, in the car, or while watching television. They know just how they want it to be. They think they know what the training will be like, what their bodies will look like, what the race will be like, and how it will feel to stand at the starting line. They even believe that they know how it will feel to cross the finish line. 
  • But they're just dreaming. They aren't doing it. You are!! On race morning, when you are out there standing at the starting line with your number on, surrounded by others just like you, you will know what they only imagine. You will feel it, see it, smell it, and experience it.
  • Unlike those who only dream, you've earned the right to be a part of the experience. By getting to the start line, you have already placed yourself in the top echelon of athletes. You may not be in the top tier of the challenge, but you are fitter, better trained, and more disciplined than 99 percent of the population.
  • Millions dream of being where you are. You are no longer a dreamer. You are a doer!
  • Enjoy every step! That's not saying that every step will be easy, but stay focused on why you are out here and how great you are going to feel when you have accomplished your goal.
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun!!


  • Start training now 
  • Encourage other challengers
  • Pack extra band aides
  • Be prepared for any weather, smile, enjoy and stay hydrated!
  • Challenge yourself - walk, run or jog as far as you can!